Hearts and Stars and Prison Riots (User Experience Matters)

So Twitter decided to make a change, and people have been reacting (and reacting to the reaction):

As Jeff Sussna noted, there’s a reason for the reaction:

In my old, pre-IT life, I’ve seen that same cavalier attitude toward change cause a real-life riot (for the record, it was a jail riot rather than a prison riot, but whatever), complete with fires set, property damaged and tear gas deployed. All for the want of a little notice.

Sometimes people react negatively to this type of change. The reaction might be stupid, but how much more stupid is triggering that type of reaction when you didn’t have to?


4 thoughts on “Hearts and Stars and Prison Riots (User Experience Matters)

    • Very possible, though it’s a dangerous game. I’ve always wondered the same about the New Coke thing from back in the day. It’s tempting to attribute it to evil genius, but then there’s Hanlon’s razor on the other hand.

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      • I was in the grocery store business at the time. There was always a very strong undercurrent that the whole old/new Coke thing was actually a battle over shelf space (a finite resource in stores). In the end Coke expanded shelf space at the expense of lower margin fizzy drinks.

        I agree it is a very dangerous game and rarely is it ever done well however given that humans are rarely great at predicting the future you always have to wonder just why any really happened

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      • Small world, same here (sort of, I was just working as a cashier in a grocery store, but my father worked for a food brokerage, so I had more insight into the business than a lot). Didn’t consider the shelf-space angle, though that did happen when they brought back “Classic” without dumping “New”. My thought was the “generate tons of headlines and make them beg us to bring it back” gambit. Very risky for most products, but considering how fanatically some people cling to a particular soda brand, somebody might have been willing to roll the dice (I guess if you have to have a tinfoil hat theory, this is as good as any).


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