“Selling SOA” on Iasa Global Blog

Just what the doctor ordered?  More snake oil?
In his recent post “No one wants SOA”, Kevin Orbaker identifies one of the issues with infrastructure in general and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) in particular:

SOA is like plumbing in a home/office. No one thinks about plumbing. No one cares about plumbing. They just want water to come out of the faucet when they turn the handle. The faucet is like the UI of your application. It is the final output from which the user interacts with. They see it. They touch it. They interact with it. They don’t know where the water comes from. They don’t really care. They just expect it to work.

So how do we get people interested in (interested enough to pay for) what they don’t care about?

See the full post on the Iasa Global Blog (a re-post, originally written for the old Iasa blog).

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